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 On a Wing and a Prayer

Dubai, 9th October 2011
So, this is going to be a first: I am finally going to fly on FlyDubai, Dubai’s budget airline. So far I have managed very successfully to avoid the likes of Ryan Air and Easy Jet, but we are off on a short weekend to Kuwait and the difference in price between Emirates and FlyDubai is stunning.

I briefly argued for taking Emirates, after all, a girl has got standards – and a Gold card status – to maintain, but the price difference is so enormous that even I had to admit it would be silly to pay more than we have to. And the flight is, what? An hour and a half? Surely even I can suck it up for that brief a period of time? Or can I?

My doubts started when I did the online booking. Did I want to check in luggage? Duh, I know it is only a weekend, but I’ve got to dress. So, yeah, of course. Okay – that was an extra Dhs50 for 20kgs. But, hey – hand luggage (up to 7kgs) is free. Wohoo.

Then I was asked to choose seats. And I did. Silly me, I fell right into that one. That, of course, costs extra. Dhs10 per seat. One way. Want extra legroom? That’s Dhs100, which amounts to around 30 per cent of the basic ticket price.

Did I want tickets that can be changed, or not? Because if you want any flexibility whatsoever, it costs extra. A lot extra. If you get the cheap tickets and you miss the flight, want to change the time, or have any problems, forget it.

Something wrong with the internet booking? Book via the call centre. But that costs extra, quite a bit: Dhs50.

I persevered, for the sake of the new experience. It was still cheaper than Emirates, but then my husband let me into further thrills and spills to be expected on my journey: no food or drink, unless you pay extra. But that is okay, I said, we can eat in the terminal – ah, yes, the terminal. Seems FlyDubai does not leave from a civilised terminal, but Terminal 2, which I believe is also the cargo terminal. There is a Costa, a juice stand and a mini Duty Free. That’s it. What? No Hermès?

Oh, and if you want to watch a movie during the flight, you’ll need to pay extra. After hearing recently that Ryan Air was contemplating to charge travellers for the use of the toilets, I am not holding my breath, or bladder for that matter. No water for me for a couple of hours prior to the flight. Just to be safe.

Wonder what else they will ask extra for? Maybe we’ll have to flap our arms during take-off as well, or do you recon that will be included in the price?

I’ll let you know how it went, when I finally get there, if I get there and don’t get thrown off the flight because I’ll lose my rag over some silly extra charge…

Want to check it out? Visit http://www.flydubai.com


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